Who am I?

An average guy with some:

Standard deviations

  1. Computers – full time programmer, web developper, debugger etc. Need more details? See my portfolio.
  2. Cars – hobby car mechanic.
  3. Private pilot

And some not so standard:

  1. The why guy – asking thousands detailed questions about everything.
  2. An engineer – understanding the problem is always the first step to find a solution.

If that doesn’t scare you, feel free to join.

4 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. Hello, my elder “twin-brother”. Nice to see You here. Goodbye, and good luck!

  2. Tomasz,
    I want to thank you for posting the CB installation method for the ZJ. I was going crazy trying to find something that I could do to get a radio in my Heep just for talking to other members of the 4X group that I travel with and also geocache with. I have a hand held but that really sucks. I used your ideas and modified them to suit my rigid quality standards.

    Again, many thanks for posting this installation. I have also done up my installation but don’t have a place to post it like you do. I would like to send you my file of the way I did my installation so you could compare notes as it were. But at least you can see the different things that I did with your basic installation technique. But to send you the Word document that I made up, I need a valid email address. Only the text will be shown if I paste it here and no pictures. So could you reply to this so that I can get your email address to send you my file? I tried to put in very detailed instructions on how I did this installation.

    The file I plan to send is titled: CB Antenna Mount On a ZJ.doc

    And again, thanks so much posting your installation. It really helped me out. I will be looking really hard at your winch installation next. Another sano install and it looks like you didn’t slash cut a bunch of the original stuff to mount it.

    Smiley Knecht
    aka “Losel 2” in the geocaching community

  3. Kornik !
    Kopę lat !

    Szukam jak Ci w googlach rozwiązania jak wpakować CB do zetjota i trafiam na ciekawy pomysł w białym GC.
    Dopiero jak spojrzałem na adres www to coś mi zaświtało że się znamy.

    Co tam u Ciebie ?

    Maila nie znalazlem na stronce wiec pisze tutaj.

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