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Whatever makes us moving forward. Well.. except Toyotas.

Gone… electric!

By no possible means I could be described as a tree hugger.

Yet I’ve just bought an all electric car (Nissan Leaf). Since every person I spoke about that asks the very same question I’ve decided to answer it publicly.


Let’s start from describing our situation. We (me and my wife, no kids) live in not-so-small-yet-not-that-big metro area Continue reading Gone… electric!

Apple Airport Extreme USB disks problem finaly solved

Living in WiFi crowded environment (more than 10 stations in 2.4GHZ band) forced us to move to 5GHz band. For many months now we have an Apple Extreme base station installed at home. It performed almost flawlessly with one exception – the airport failed to recognize more than one hard drive connected to it’s USB port. After almost giving up on it I have finally found a solution. Connecting the drive directly to my mac and running on it Repair Disk function from Disk Utility solved the problem. Now our airport sees both disks and I’m a happy camper again :-)

Balanced zone controller

One of the nicest features of our new HVAC zone system is module called balanced controller. Basically it’s an algorithm calculating heat demand in every zone and opening and closing registers accordingly.

Here you can see that one of the zones (middle one) was fully open while remaining two were just barely moved, Then when this zone was satisfied in it’s heat demand it was closed and the first one was fully open to direct all hot heat into this zone to shorten furnace running time to the minimum.

I don’t have any statistic data to prove my theory yet but it seems to me that such behavior shortens greatly overall running time and simply saves us money.

Cleaning up Apple’s wireless Mighty Mouse

Note: Newer version of the procedure is here

I use it all the time. I’m taking it everywhere with me together with my laptop. Thanks to it’s wirelessness it’s easy and nice to handle. I like this mouse a lot. The only problem I have encounter is dirty roll. It slowly stops working – first in down direction. if you press it a little bit dipper it still works, but only for a moment. Then other directions stop working too. Apple’s provided method of cleaning usually works only for couple of minutes.

So out of desperation I started to look for methods to disassemble it. Unfortunately Apple decided to glue it together so you can’t disassemble it without breaking things. Although some say you can glue it back I don’t like this solution at all.

Some googling later I think I have found the solution. If Apple’s cleaning method doesn’t work for you anymore proceed to second step. Find a flat surface and lay a sheet of white printer paper on it. Then turn your mouse upside down and, for about 1-2 minutes, do this:

After some time you should start seeing small dirt leaving your mouse and staying on the paper. Don’t expect too much – there isn’t much space inside the mouse for dirt to accumulate, yet it’s enough to prevent it from working. Anyway judging from amount of dirt my mouse left on paper it should work like new – and in fact it does!

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NP249J to NP242 swap in ZJ

Done yesterday. It took less than 4h (total – even with changing information center’s connections). Probably because it was direct swap. When I was looking for replacement I clearly stated that I need a NP242J from Grand Cherokee with 42RE transmission. Thanks to that everything worked like a charm.

First impressions very positive – the car is more quiet, mileage went up about 3mpg in 2WD and last but the most important – due to locked visco it was impossible to do almost any maneuvers on the concrete parking lot – now it works. I hope it will save me huge amount of bucks on front differential replacement.

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