When: 1999-2005
Tech: PHP, javascript, MySQL, LAMP, cvs, SOAP
Description: First Polish e-commerce system for printing services.
The system’s front end implements unique calculators allowing users to order custom print jobs with real time calculation of weigh and cost.
Back end implements sophisticated system for splitting orders into atomic operations, manages work distribution between working stations, tracks orders’ progress and handles all tasks related to packaging, labeling and invoicing. The system allows real time order progress monitoring. SOAP techniques were used to communicate with shipping vendors’ systems to calculate true shipping costs and transmit and receive shipping statuses. Also one of the first implementations of on-line payments in Poland.

  • designed system’s architecture
  • developed both front and back end
  • implemented connection to shipping vendor’s systems to facilitate real time shipping cost calculation and package tracking
  • implemented internal invoicing system and synchronization with ERP system
  • implemented credit card payments merchant’s interface within the system
  • managed several servers, responsible for day to day operations
  • provided internal IT support and HelpDesk services for customers


When: 2006-2014
Tech: PHP, Zend Framework 1 & 2, jQuery, Dojo, Ajax, Zurb Foundation, PostgreSQL, LAPP, cvs, git
Description: SaaS system used by over 200 social services agencies in several states to track electronic health records and manage all aspects of day to day operations.
Contribution: (details unavailable due to signed NDA)

  • managed internal application QA team
  • developed various functionalities within the product
  • designed several improvements both in database architecture and code to increase system’s speed
  • implemented several reports required by sponsors aggregating millions of records
  • helped with various aspects of servers administration


Korwel Photo
When: 2006-2014
Tech: jQuery, Ajax, WordPress, WooCommerce, MySQL
Description: E-commerce addition to WordPress based website. Integrated with PayPal payments.

  • integrated WooCommerce plugin with WordPress platform
  • implemented design changes using javascript and css
  • integrated PayPal payments
  • provide hosting


When: 2003-2005
Tech: PHP, MySQL, LAMP, Pervasive, Linux odbc, openvpn, cvs, git
Description: A B2B e-commerce system.
This application imports information from ERP system based on Pervasive database using secure VPN connection and odbc mechanism. Orders placed on-line are automatically synchronized with the internal system to prevent backordering. Reverse connection allows client to see their invoices as soon as they are generated in ERP system and monitor account balances.

  • designed e-commerce system
  • developed and maintained front end interface
  • implemented VPN’s between company’s location to accommodate systems integration
  • designed and implemented ODBC connection between MySQL and Pervasive databases to keep system synchronized
  • provided internal IT support


Sonoma Town Center (example)
When: 2005-2006
Description: Content management system. Used by media agency to speed up development process and ease web maintenance.

  • designed CMS’ architecture
  • developed underlying database and backend interface
  • managed hosting for several clients using the system
  • provided customer training and support


When: 2004-2005
Tech: PHP, Ajax, MySQL, LAMP
Description: e-commerce system for boutique printing agency. Heavily integrated with vendor’s system allowing automatic updates of offered assortment and prices.

  • developed invoicing module
  • helped developing integration with vendor’s system