NP249J to NP242 swap in ZJ

Done yesterday. It took less than 4h (total – even with changing information center’s connections). Probably because it was direct swap. When I was looking for replacement I clearly stated that I need a NP242J from Grand Cherokee with 42RE transmission. Thanks to that everything worked like a charm.

First impressions very positive – the car is more quiet, mileage went up about 3mpg in 2WD and last but the most important – due to locked visco it was impossible to do almost any maneuvers on the concrete parking lot – now it works. I hope it will save me huge amount of bucks on front differential replacement.

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2 thoughts on “NP249J to NP242 swap in ZJ”

  1. hey my sons np249 is shot, I was considering the np242 to help with the front end bind in parking lots and any millage increase would be great, was wondering what all parts were neede fron donar vehicle, shifter and indicating plate, transfer case and linkage and anything for front end????…thanks Jaime

  2. Actually all you need is transfer case and indicator plate. Nothing else. Linkage has to stay from your original vehicle. That’s why it’s so simple. The only problem is that you have to be sure that the np242 will fit your car – which means that it has to be from the same (similar) year and the same engine (I6 or V8) – they differ in input shaft sizes – you can swap the input shaft itself but this makes whole job much more difficult and time consuming.

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