Cleaning up Apple’s wireless Mighty Mouse

Note: Newer version of the procedure is here

I use it all the time. I’m taking it everywhere with me together with my laptop. Thanks to it’s wirelessness it’s easy and nice to handle. I like this mouse a lot. The only problem I have encounter is dirty roll. It slowly stops working – first in down direction. if you press it a little bit dipper it still works, but only for a moment. Then other directions stop working too. Apple’s provided method of cleaning usually works only for couple of minutes.

So out of desperation I started to look for methods to disassemble it. Unfortunately Apple decided to glue it together so you can’t disassemble it without breaking things. Although some say you can glue it back I don’t like this solution at all.

Some googling later I think I have found the solution. If Apple’s cleaning method doesn’t work for you anymore proceed to second step. Find a flat surface and lay a sheet of white printer paper on it. Then turn your mouse upside down and, for about 1-2 minutes, do this:

After some time you should start seeing small dirt leaving your mouse and staying on the paper. Don’t expect too much – there isn’t much space inside the mouse for dirt to accumulate, yet it’s enough to prevent it from working. Anyway judging from amount of dirt my mouse left on paper it should work like new – and in fact it does!

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22 thoughts on “Cleaning up Apple’s wireless Mighty Mouse”

  1. Alessandro: As far as I remember it was a post on some kind of discussion boards. I see your video is older than mine, but I haven’t seen it before. Too bad – it would save me some work.

  2. I was just about to rip open my mouse when I saw this. It worked great. Thanks for the info. Cheers!:lol:

  3. My Mighty Mouse faith (and downward-scrolling ability) have been restored. Thanks very much for sharing.

  4. My down scroll wasn’t working but after I did this not only does my down scroll now work, all scroll directions feel lighter!


  5. I know, this solution is already familiar to some. But you taked the work to put this really great hint in your blog and youtube and help us. I really really thank you so much. This hint worked so great for me.Greetings from Xalapa, Ver.

  6. My scroll up was not working. But it works now, after the suggested 2 minutes drill . Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Didn’t even take all of two minutes! After weeks of suffering intermittent down-scroll problems, my mouse works great!

    Many thanks!!!!!

  8. YES, for some folks too simple to believe in century of high tech cleaners but works perfect. Can’t believe I did not find it myself :)

  9. Oh my god, it works!!!! :grin:, thanks so much! I was thinking about buying a new mighty mouse, cuz i love so much the all direction scrolling!! But mine works like new now !! Yeahhhhhh!! :lol: Ill know what to do the next time it gets dirty!

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