HVAC disaster

We finally moved in to our new house. After couple of days spent on cleaning, unpacking and making ourselves comfortable we figured out one thing – the HVAC system is just a disaster.

First – the thermostat is in the worst place in the house. Simply first test shows that while the thermostats shows 1 degree differences, the actual temperature it that room floats more than 2 degrees in each direction.

Second – all registers are broken – none of them shuts completely and none of them works smooth

Third – the A/C unit and fan are probably undersized (I still have to make measurements) – it needs to work for more than 1h to cool down the room by 1 degree.

A lot of work is waiting but it only makes me more motivated to quickly finish that project.

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One thought on “HVAC disaster”

  1. This time is not just for washing, but also for fixing your house heat and cool system. My family and I check the furnace , make sure the fan is running correctly, and sometimes replace the thermostat controller. We like to use our furnace to circulate and clean the air to remove all of the pollen that is in the air. Robershaw makes some nice controlls and I’ve also found a brand called PECO that uses a custom algorithm to run the fan during the spring time. The only site I’ve been able to buy them at is thermostatlinevoltage.com there may be other sources out there though. Just some thoughts.

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