CB antenna mount in Grand Cherokee

Ever thought about some nice looking CB antenna mount for your Jeep ZJ? Instead of fabricating some brackets, mounts etc. go to any website selling Firestick’s products and pick up the MK204R kit. I picked up mine at Walcott CB for less than $30 and considering there is cable in the kit looks like quite cheap thing.

Now to the mounting part. I decided to put mine around rear left tail lamp. The thing is that I wanted it to be as less obstructive for tailgate and lights as it’s possible. Here is a picture how I manage to achieve that goal:



I used 4 self taping screws to securely bolt it to the body. Also the rotating part of the mount was bolted upside down – it will allow to put some heavy duty spring and quick mount and it still won’t be looking like R/C model with 5ft antenna I’m going to install.

Here you can see how I routed the cable


I used existing hole in the body, so I limited amount of drilling to zero.

Another nice thing is that tail lamp if firmly fitting in it’s place now holding the mount in it’s place and keeping it from swinging around on heavy wind.

Final efect



with 5 ft stick went over my best expectations. Now my Grand Cherokee looks clean and nice, almost like factory equipped with this.

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