Recovery gear

I probably should have done it before I went to Hannibal Rocks :-) Better late than never – the winch is finally on. I went with an Atlas 9500lbs winch which being quite inexpensive still has some nice features like series would motor or wireless remote.

The whole idea was to mount the winch securely and yet keep as much of stock bumper I could.


I had some problems how to accommodate universal mounting plate.


I even considered getting rid of it and fabricating something else in it’s place.


But finally I did it and it doesn’t look that bad. I also gained nice mounting point for fog/driving lights!

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2 thoughts on “Recovery gear”

  1. How do you like the Atlas winch? Thinking about getting one but have not heard about Atlas winches before? I can get one brand new 9500 for 350.00.

  2. Hard to say anything yet. I mean it’s done pretty good (meaning quality of parts and workmanship), and it works without load. Thats all I was able to test so far. I hope to do some real load tests tomorrow or next weekend while visiting Vancouver Island. Stay tuned.

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