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Resizing VMWare fusion image file

Recently I came to the point when free space on my virtual drive under VMWare was almost nonexistent. Usually it doesn’t bother me at all but I wanted to watch a movie from Netflix and all I got was information that Netflix’s player requires at least 1GB of hard drive to play anything at all.

Unfortunately disk size option in virtual machine settings was in my case grayed out so I couldn’t do it directly. After quick search in Google I have found that there is a command line tool already included that allows you to do so. All you have to do is run this little command:

cd /Applications /VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/MacOS/
./diskTool -X 15Gb /VmWare/Windows\ XP.vmwarevm/Windows\ XP.vmdk

Be sure to pt the path to the actual vmdk file. After a minute or so I saw

Grow : 100% (10485760/10485760) done.

And all that left to do was to start the virtual machine and resize partition using partition resizing software of your choice.