Resizing VMWare fusion image file

Recently I came to the point when free space on my virtual drive under VMWare was almost nonexistent. Usually it doesn’t bother me at all but I wanted to watch a movie from Netflix and all I got was information that Netflix’s player requires at least 1GB of hard drive to play anything at all.

Unfortunately disk size option in virtual machine settings was in my case grayed out so I couldn’t do it directly. After quick search in Google I have found that there is a command line tool already included that allows you to do so. All you have to do is run this little command:

cd /Applications /VMware\
./diskTool -X 15Gb /VmWare/Windows\ XP.vmwarevm/Windows\ XP.vmdk

Be sure to pt the path to the actual vmdk file. After a minute or so I saw

Grow : 100% (10485760/10485760) done.

And all that left to do was to start the virtual machine and resize partition using partition resizing software of your choice.

Logitech webcam and “error 1327. Invalid drive: F:\”

Yesterday I was trying to install new Logitech webcam on Iza’s computer. During installation I was repeatedly getting this error:

“error 1327. Invalid drive: F:\”

during one of the installation software steps. Funny thing is that this particular computer does not have drive F: at all.

After some unsuccessful Google research I started to think (yes, that’s a skill I’m using sometime). One thing that came to my mind was DAEMON tools – the software used to create virtual CD/DVD drives to mount disk images without burning them. I opened it’s setting page and disabled it completely. Another try – and voila! Logitech webcam software no longer checked mystery drive F: and installed itself properly.

Cleaning up Apple’s wireless Mighty Mouse

Note: Newer version of the procedure is here

I use it all the time. I’m taking it everywhere with me together with my laptop. Thanks to it’s wirelessness it’s easy and nice to handle. I like this mouse a lot. The only problem I have encounter is dirty roll. It slowly stops working – first in down direction. if you press it a little bit dipper it still works, but only for a moment. Then other directions stop working too. Apple’s provided method of cleaning usually works only for couple of minutes.

So out of desperation I started to look for methods to disassemble it. Unfortunately Apple decided to glue it together so you can’t disassemble it without breaking things. Although some say you can glue it back I don’t like this solution at all.

Some googling later I think I have found the solution. If Apple’s cleaning method doesn’t work for you anymore proceed to second step. Find a flat surface and lay a sheet of white printer paper on it. Then turn your mouse upside down and, for about 1-2 minutes, do this:

After some time you should start seeing small dirt leaving your mouse and staying on the paper. Don’t expect too much – there isn’t much space inside the mouse for dirt to accumulate, yet it’s enough to prevent it from working. Anyway judging from amount of dirt my mouse left on paper it should work like new – and in fact it does!

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Wheeling on Vancouver Island

Last weekend I had a chance to try some back roads on Vancouver Island. Have to say it wasn’t that bad :-)

Recovery gear

I probably should have done it before I went to Hannibal Rocks :-) Better late than never – the winch is finally on. I went with an Atlas 9500lbs winch which being quite inexpensive still has some nice features like series would motor or wireless remote.

The whole idea was to mount the winch securely and yet keep as much of stock bumper I could.


I had some problems how to accommodate universal mounting plate.


I even considered getting rid of it and fabricating something else in it’s place.


But finally I did it and it doesn’t look that bad. I also gained nice mounting point for fog/driving lights!

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